Meet your Melanographer

As a Registered Nurse with additional certifications in emergency nursing and skin cancer dermoscopy, I offer specialised skin cancer screening to the Bairnsdale and surrounding communities against all forms of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

About Lauren Brookes & the MoleMap Bairnsdale clinic

I opened my clinic in Bairnsdale offering MoleMap’s services in 2019 within a local GP clinic, just offering skin check’s to the community. After talking to my patients, it was clear that people not only wanted thorough skin checks, but more comprehensive skin monitoring and mapping. 

In 2020 I moved into the Bairnsdale Health & Wellness Centre in order to expand my services by offering specialised skin cancer screening, including full body photograhy and full body MoleMap –  MoleMap’s unique skin mapping system – all whilst having a Dermatologist look over all your spots. 

I am extreamly passionate about skin cancer detection and prevention, and expanding the clinic in order to see more patients and provide more comprehensive mapping was the right choice for our community. 

In the last 3 years, over 3500 patients have had their skin checked, photographed and mapped, with countless skin cancers detected, including many melanoma’s – so far all caught early, when this cancer is most treatable.

Many patients return annually so they have full peace of mind that their skin is being professionally monitored and tracked for potential changes and any new skin cancers detected. During your MoleMap appointment, you will recieve a thorough head to toe check by me, and detailed photographs taken and reviewed by the Dermatologists that work with MoleMap. I often see, and encourage you to bring along your family members or your friends, to ensure all your loved ones skin is in check. 

I look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon, 

Lauren Brookes


MoleMap Bairnsdale believes in…

Kindness and respect

I understand that a skin check implies a certain level of vulnerability which is why I am committed to approach each screening with kindness and respect.

MoleMap Bairnsdale believes in…

Education and awareness 

I’m passionate about helping adults and children understand their skin. I believe that the only way we can do better, is if we know better. I take pride in raising awareness among the Bairnsdale community.


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Your Journey

MoleMap process



Based on your risk assessment, book your appointment with MoleMap Bairnsdale online or calling the clinic.



Attend your MoleMap appointment at Bairnsdale Health & Wellness Centre, 115b Nicolson Street, Bairnsdale.



You'll receive a text and/or email when your report is ready to access via the online My MoleMap Portal, login to your account to review your results.



For peace of mind, don’t for­get to come back every year so we can spot any changes in your skin. We will send a reminder!

Industry Associations

We are continually updating our skills and engaging in education and best practice from leading industry associations.

Your skin never stops changing, so never stop checking.

Early detection is your best protection. Get you and your family’s skin checked today

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