Clinic Policies

Secu­ri­ty and confidentiality

MoleMap makes every effort to keep your infor­ma­tion secure. We do not per­ma­nent­ly store any cred­it card infor­ma­tion on our sys­tems or in paper format.


The price payable for the Prod­uct is con­firmed fol­low­ing your book­ing request via con­fir­ma­tion let­ter or email. Prices are in Aus­tralian dol­lars (AUD), and our ser­vices do not car­ry GST unless pur­chased by a business.

MoleMap reserves the right to change the price with­out notice, so long as the price is agreed to by both par­ties before the com­ple­tion of the appointment.

Refund pol­i­cy

Molemap may ask for pre-pay­ment for its appoint­ments. Your pay­ment is refund­able if you can­cel 48 busi­ness hours or more before your appoint­ment time.

Events beyond our control

MoleMap will not be liable for any fail­ure, or delay in pro­vid­ing the Ser­vice in the event or cir­cum­stance beyond our rea­son­able con­trol. Includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to sys­tems or net­work access issues, hard­ware fail­ure, or logis­ti­cal issues. How­ev­er, we will make every effort to fix the fault or issue as quick­ly as pos­si­ble or arrange anoth­er appoint­ment date once the issues have been fixed.


We may vary our terms and con­di­tions at any time, by pub­lish­ing new terms and con­di­tions on this web­site. Any book­ings made after this time are sub­ject to the new terms and conditions.

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